The monster swing


Every since I’ve seen this picture of myself I knew I would make a swing for my own kids one day… Even if I don’t really look too happy here – I’ve just never been very photogenic 😛1512_Monster-swing_01

So Wednesday was the day: I found some striped denim and sewed this fabric swing. We already got the dowels, rope and hooks during our last trip to the hardware store about two weeks ago. And yesterday we finally installed the swing. After a failed attempt to find the studs in the kids room ceiling on Thursday, it’s now located in the living room – which I think is much nicer anyways since there is a lot more space and this is also where everybody hangs out all the time…

Initially, I thought of the swing as Yannick’s first Christmas gift, but two more weeks?? I was way too impatient to put him into it and to see his reaction – it already felt so long since Wednesday (and I’m sure we’ll find something else to put under the tree for him…)!

And I was not disappointed! After a first short moment where Yannick looked a little nervous he just couldn’t stop laughing – and made mommy sooo happy… 🙂



    1. Astrid *

      Thank you! And it also works really well when the little man needs to be tired out just a little more before going to bed…

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