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And more toy bags

The two monsters have kept me quite busy lately and simultaneous daytime naps are a rather rare treat. Hence there has not been much to show here… But at least I managed to make a few more toy bags and I’m happy that this is not going to be the first month without any blog posts as I was fearing!

The first one is for the big monster’s brand new racing cars, …


… the second one is for the big vehicle fleet, …


… and finally, I added a little pouch for the small train accessories to keep them separate from the bulky tracks.


I’m amazed how well they actually work – Yannick knows exactly where everything belongs. Just operating the drawstrings is still a bit of a challenge for him, but I’m sure he’ll figure it out soon.

And a last picture of the entire collection:




Ever since I can remember I have loved to dress up. Carnival, Christmas, Easter, birthday parties (except Halloween which wasn’t a “thing” in Germany at the time)… you name it – my sisters and I would dress up or paint our faces. There’s plenty of photo evidence. 😉 And while I don’t think that dressing up is only for kids, I do think it is even more fun with kids. I had such a great time with our little monkey a year ago and was already getting excited about Halloween… But then we were too busy with the second monster’s arrival and didn’t get a check to dress up. But now that it’s carnival time in Germany again, here we are with our next chance!

So we just needed to figure out the costumes… During our trip to Germany a few weeks ago, Yannick got all excited about the ponies and goats at a little pet zoo and wouldn’t stop neighing for a long time. Since we’ve been back, we’ve been watching Heartland with him and it is so funny to see him point at every single horse in the show. So I decided that the little monsters should be cowboys! I made a horse head out of extra thick brown felt and Paul cut the stick off an old mop I didn’t even know we had in our garage. I added some bias tape reins and two little bells (clearly the best feature!) – and here we go!


Both monsters are proud owners of a plaid shirt and good thing every real cowboy has a hat in his closet, eh Paul? (It is not easy to take a picture of a running toddler with props, so it turned out a little blurry, but at least the stick horse is in focus… 😜)

And the little monster even has real boots! They were a gift from his uncle.


He usually kicks them off within three and a half seconds though, so his picture was no easier. But we also got a nice shot of him and his horsie, one of the treasures from my own childhood that survived! 🙂


So proud of the two, yeehaw! 😀

Toy bags!

These days, our living room looks much more like a kids’ room and you really have to watch your step… So I have started to make drawstring bags to organize some of these toys in a nicer way. I still had quite a bit of that heavy grey fabric left from the teepee because I overestimated how much I would need for the floor mat, and I also had some lime green leftovers. For now there is a smaller bag for the kids’ wooden blocks and a fairly big one for the trains. In order to “label” them I appliqued symbols of the respective content on the front. There is still enough material for one or two more bags, depending on their size, so I’ll see what other toys I can find to organize in one of them. Maybe the legos…?



A pretzel rattle

Occasionally I feel a fairly strong need to incorporate some German tradition into our day. Most often this simply ends up in having German food for supper (Bratwurst, Spätzle, …). For this years’ October Fest I made a rattle for Yannick.


I created this pattern and used the same brown micro fleece as for this little guy and stitched on some kiddo-proof salt (French knots). I even found a small enough rattle insert that I explanted from a small bunny softie that came with my Easter chocolats (sorry Oma…) and that’s now sitting in the thickest section of the pretzel. And because the shape of the pretzel provides such good grip and is so great to pull on, I already had to repair the poor thing twice 😉


Mr. Beaver

While I was pregnant with our now six months old son Yannick, I came across this little guy on Pinterest: Mr. Beaver by Virginie Jolie, one of her adorable soft teddies.


Instantly I knew I had to make one, too! I didn’t have any felt but I found some brown micro fleece for the body and sacrificed one of Yannicks face clothes for the face – and here he is!


And – unlike some of his other toys – Yannick actually loves him! (The picture was already taken a few months ago, well before the little mister was actually interested in any of his toys, but I just found the sweater with the other Canadian wildlife creatures was such a perfect match…)