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Bears and gnomes

I made a little bear and look at him, isn’t he adorable?! Please forgive me if I sound a bit too proud of myself, but it’s been so long since I last made something for a little baby and I truly enjoyed every second of it so much! Or almost… Just after finishing the last seam I was sweating for a moment. As it turned out I had slightly underestimated the required length for the arms and legs and almost ripped them off while trying to tie the knots. But after some twiddling I finally managed and all was good! 😜 So, sweet little Pepe, I hope you’ll like your new cuddle buddy!

Since Pepe lives by the sea, I chose maritime stripes and little anchors for the bear’s outfit, with just a pinch of contrasting green for the arms. All three are soft jersey fabrics and for the bear’s fur I used light brown terry cloth. As I didn’t add any padding, he is a bit of a flabby fellow but therefore easier to grab with tiny hands.

I also made a pair of reversible gnome hats for Pepe and his older brother Tamo, using yellow and green fleece and lining them with the same striped jersey fabric that I used for the little bear. I really hope that Pepe’s hat fits, at least I was lucky enough to have a test head for Tamo’s size! 😉 Now I just have to hope that Tamo isn’t too old for that style of hat!

1710_Bears-and-gnomes_02 1710_Bears-and-gnomes_03 1710_Bears-and-gnomes_04

Congratulations to the whole family again to the arrival of the youngest one!! 💛

Another mini toque

Everybody knows that babies grow quickly… and yet it still strikes me HOW quickly. It seems that I am constantly sorting the clothes out that the little monster has outgrown after wearing them only a few times. The latest one was his little snowflake toque. While it fit perfectly for the first few weeks, it now doesn’t cover his ears any more.

So, this time he got a navy colored one. And I went for two simple red stripes rather than another fancy pattern since he’s only going to wear it for another three months or so… 😛

More grown-up toques

As I always have a hard time finding Christmas gifts for my parents, this year I decided to knit them toques, so they would be well equipped for their next visit here in Canada. My mom got some Norwegian snowflakes, similar to the ones I chose for Paul and Timo, and I even managed to finish her toque about a week before Christmas.  I had some small hopes that it would still arrive in Germany in time, but it didn’t get there until yesterday…


In the meantime, my Dad’s toque was also finished. As I didn’t want to make them run around in partner look, he got some black and green zigzags.


I hope they like their new toques and don’t mind the little delay! 😉