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It’s panda time!

Our little monster quickly feels cold. Especially at night he really seems to appreciate all these layers to keep him warm, usually two shirts, a sleeping bag and a flannel blanket. And our house is really not cold… I wanted to knit something different than toques for once anyways, so I decided to make him a little sweater. As I was getting a bitq tired of all those snowflakes, I wanted to put a kids motif on the front. I found a panda illustration that I liked and that I thought was simple enough to be transferred into a knitting pattern.

It turned out a little shorter and wider than I intended, but hey, it’s my first sweater, so I think I should be happy with the result… 😜 The monster’s hands were nice and warm for the last few hours though, so I guess he likes it!


Papa Bear

It has been a little while since my last sewn card, so here I am back with another one! But some background information first… 😉

While I was looking for inspiration for kids room decoration what feels like ages ago, I came across this adorable bear print from BubbleGumYears on Etsy:


I didn’t end up buying it but I saved the picture – and now remembered it again when brainstorming for an idea for a Father’s Day card for Paul. And even though it’s not sweater season at all right now, I copied that motif (turning the bear into an even more winterly polar bear because I had no brown fabric… 😉), as it is just so perfect because our little monster loves to cuddle and actually gives the best hugs in the world!


I found some cozy navy flannel for the sweater and chose light grey and orange as coordinating colors for the card and sweater details. And I also thought that a polar bear would have better use of paws rather than fingers. Hope you like how it turned out. I’m particularly fond of the Norwegian “knitting” pattern (and I also don’t mind that my bear is a little chubbier…)! Happy Father’s Day, Paul! 💛

I am planning on having the monster hand the card over and therefore put an additional piece of cardboard into the envelope – it just seemed like a good idea… 😉