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Figs and pears


I really hope that I am not boring anyone with another post on sweet pizza, but I just can’t help myself… ūüėõ After Paul brought a crate of fresh figs home on Saturday, that seemed to be the perfect occasion for another weekend pizza feast – plus, we had a friend over for lunch yesterday.

We already really¬†enjoyed the pear pizza from last time, but I find this time it turned out even better. We added some Ricotta to the sour cream base and were a little more daring with the amount of blue cheese that we crumbled over everything. But I think the biggest difference were the figs themselves – simply such a treat! The only thing I may have missed a little¬†bit would have been a glass of red wine but well… soon enough…

Some very green Spaetzle

Last night, we had colorful spaetzle for supper once again. But unlike last time, where I added some veggies for color, this time the spaetzle themselves were turned green. I still had a few handful of spinach in the fridge that had to go, so I blanched and pureed it and mixed it into the spatzle batter. I also added the rest of the pesto that I had made from all the basil in our garden two or three weeks ago, which was not really enough for a pasta meal for two people and which I had therefore put in the freezer in order to wait for an occasion like this one.

And together with the grated Emmentaler cheese and the roasted onions it turned out quite yummy, even the monster really liked those funny green worms. ūüėČ


Sweet and savory pizza

It was pizza night once again at our house yesterday – a nice and quiet one as the monster was already asleep. ūüôā


It was time for another tomato free and meat free pizza experiment. So I used sour cream with salt, pepper and nutmeg (of course!) as a basis on a thin crust, then topped it with caramalized Balsamico onions, pear slices, crumbled blue cheese, sliced almonds and some fresh thyme. I had seen a similar combination with figs a little while ago, but thought that pears would be a great choice, too. And they were! So yummy РI must have a real sweet spot for sweet and savory food!