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Another mini toque


Everybody knows that babies grow quickly… and yet it still strikes me HOW quickly. It seems that I am constantly sorting the clothes out that the little monster has outgrown after wearing them only a few times. The latest one was his little snowflake toque. While it fit perfectly for the first few weeks, it now doesn’t cover his ears any more.

So, this time he got a navy colored one. And I went for two simple red stripes rather than another fancy pattern since he’s only going to wear it for another three months or so… 😛

It’s panda time!


Our little monster quickly feels cold. Especially at night he really seems to appreciate all these layers to keep him warm, usually two shirts, a sleeping bag and a flannel blanket. And our house is really not cold… I wanted to knit something different than toques for once anyways, so I decided to make him a little sweater. As I was getting a bitq tired of all those snowflakes, I wanted to put a kids motif on the front. I found a panda illustration that I liked and that I thought was simple enough to be transferred into a knitting pattern.

It turned out a little shorter and wider than I intended, but hey, it’s my first sweater, so I think I should be happy with the result… 😜 The monster’s hands were nice and warm for the last few hours though, so I guess he likes it!


More grown-up toques

As I always have a hard time finding Christmas gifts for my parents, this year I decided to knit them toques, so they would be well equipped for their next visit here in Canada. My mom got some Norwegian snowflakes, similar to the ones I chose for Paul and Timo, and I even managed to finish her toque about a week before Christmas.  I had some small hopes that it would still arrive in Germany in time, but it didn’t get there until yesterday…


In the meantime, my Dad’s toque was also finished. As I didn’t want to make them run around in partner look, he got some black and green zigzags.


I hope they like their new toques and don’t mind the little delay! 😉

A small warm toque

We have had our first snow here in Ottawa two days ago… It has still been mild and fortunately, the rain washed it all away quickly, but it was enough to make me decide to knit a little winter toque while waiting for the new family member.

In order to figure out a design, I looked at my yarn stash and the toques that I made last year… and almost immediately decided to make one to match Daddy’s grey and green snowflake toque. So here it is – I just finished it! 🙂


I could only fit a small part of the snowflake pattern into the newborn dimensions, but I think it still looks really nice. And of course, I had to scale Daddy’s massive pompom down quite a bit!


So little monster, we’re ready, please don’t make us wait too much longer! 😉

UPDATE (5 Nov 2016):

The toque has been worn for the first time yesterday! And I think it did a great job keeping a pair of tiny little ears nice and warm. 🙂 It was not a real winter day yet, but the wind was quite cool, and at least I now know that it fits and that we are ready for the real frost!


Chunky knit pillows


A little while ago (when it was still cold and more knitting season than now…), my dear friend Angela infected me with her chunky knitting. I already have tons of scarfs and cowls, so I decided to make some pillows for our living room after I found a teal yarn that perfectly matches our accent chair.

The needles that I borrowed from Angela had the dimensions of a pair of drumsticks. I had experimented with a pair of our chopsticks at first but those actually turned out too thin. 😉

I went for a knitted front and got some matching cotton fabric for the pillow backs. The knit rectangles had already been completed and waiting in the closet for weeks, and this weekend I finally finished the fabric part, too. I decided to have the zippers go right across the pillow back since placing it somewhere along the pillow edge at the knit-fabric joint didn’t seem like a good idea. I covered it under a pleat though as I didn’t want it to be exposed.


Because of the knit being so large-scale I was a little worried that the pillow insert would show through the mesh, so I backed it with a layer of the same cotton fabric. After finishing all three pieces, I assembled them making a nice fabric sandwich (zippered pillow back right side up / knitted pillow front right side down / lining right side down), sewing them together all the way around (which was a bit of a fight as the knit would always retract), then flipping the finished pillow cover inside-out through the zipper opening.


Not being sure how large the pillow covers would turn out after finishing up all the yarn, I also made custom inserts, quickly sewing together two rectangles cut from some leftover fabric and emptying an oddly sized Ikea pillow that we never use to stuff our new friends.

And tadah, here they are, our new cuddle buddies! 😉


A squirrel parade


I have a new toque! Living in Canada you’d think I have plenty of them, but while I have tons of scarves I actually only have one toque and that one is pretty worn out and definitely ready for retirement.

Initially I wanted it to match these mittens and was already half way done, but for some reason the broken seed stitch turned out really wide, making the toque way too big for my head. So, change of plans, some unravelling and a few squirrels – and here it is! I was also considering a pompom like Paul’s, but then decided against it because I wanted the little white diamonds at the top to stay visible.

Good thing there’s enough winter left with plenty of opportunities to wear it! 😛

Bobble mittens


And here I’m back with more knitting – the announced break didn’t last very long, eh?!

I think I mostly came to like knitting so much because it is so mobile: you can work on your project wherever you like. And there are no power cables or foot pedals to worry about. I can even get a few rows done in all those moments where Yannick is happily playing alone. But then I can still jump up and run at anytime if required.

And I find, once you know a few basics, you can “build” pretty much anything. Not to mention the huge variety of different patterns and stitches to explore…

Anyways, I had a lot of fun knitting these popcorn stitch mittens which i lined with micro fleece for some extra warmth.

Happy birthday, Angela! 🙂

Warm ears for my sweetheart


I proudly present my first knitting project in a grownup size! Hope Paul likes the pompom – at least he can’t complain that it is too small… 😛

Now I need a little break from knitting I think! I know I already said that after the baby slippers and then made three toques… But this time, my next crafts project will be in a different discipline for sure!

Another pointed toque…

Because I liked the onion-like shape of this toque so much (and because 1.5 ft of snow that fell over the past few days make it impossible to ignore the fact that winter has eventually come…) I decided to knit another toque – for Yannick this time. And since I just learned how to make braids I went for an all braided design. I’m in real awe for people who make whole sweaters like this – my hands were crampy enough after this small project 😛

Can’t wait to put the toque onto Yannick’s head for our next stroll and to admire my little gnome! 🙂

UPDATE: I actually could not wait, but tried it on right after Yannick’s afternoon nap…


Slipper battle

Yesterday, my mom and I got some yarn and decided to make baby slippers since Yannick’s feet keep growing and winter is coming…

And here we are now: dueling fiercely, heavily armed with knitting needles and crochet hooks! 😉

While I am certain that my mom is winning in the beauty category, I am hoping that I will at least get some points for speed.

We’ll keep you updated on how the battle ensues…

1512_Slipper-battle_01UPDATE 1 (7 Dec):

While my mom is still knitting, my crocheted slippers are done!

I know they look a little goofy, but they are warm, they fit (with some room for winter growth) and – most importantly – they stay on the monster’s feet. He was wearing them all day today and didn’t take them off a single time, yeehaw! 😉

1512_Slipper-battle_03UPDATE 2 (10 Dec):

There we go, the knitted slippers are ready, too! And aren’t they so adorable?! I didn’t promise too much, did I? Good job, mom!


Their only downside: they turned out a little tight – but actually I don’t mind at all, I simply placed an order for another pair in the next bigger size! 😉