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Apple patches

There was another pair of pants with Swiss cheese knees that needed mending…

I didn’t want to just do the standard ovals, but wasn’t up for anything too time-consuming (like the little monster patch I once made). And since my fabric choices were limited to denim and some red twill, I went for a pair of apples. In order to get a clean edge, I backed the twill with a piece of fusible interfacing when stitching the apple contours on, then flipped the patches inside out and ironed them on. As the heat didn’t travel well enough through all the layers to make the apples stick nicely everywhere, I ended up hand-stitching all the way around. That certainly doubled the project time but I like the rustic look and I think it looks great with the little leather stems! Here’s a close-up of my charmingly uneven stitches (which also reveals that I could have used a lint roller prior to taking the picture… 😋).

When the big monster saw the result, he immediately took his sweat pants off in exchange for his new old pants. That totally made my day – he even called them “fancy pants”! 😎

Bear patches

While the monster is starting to walk, he is still moving around enough on all four to get his pants really thin and sometimes even holey around the knees. So, another pair of pants needed a repair. And even though I really enjoyed that little monster patch I made last time, I preferred a quicker solution this time and therefore decided to use double-sided fusible interfacing. Just cut out whatever shape you like, then iron it on – so easy! And I even had some fabric in just the right color! You must think my fabric stack is huge, but it’s actually not… 😛

I guess I could also just have cut some simple ovals… but I didn’t 😉

A little knee patch

While Yannick is starting to explore his world on his feet – preferably pushing our chairs around and trying to make some first steps along the couch – he’s still essentially using his knees to get around. And a few days ago, he finally did it: he wore a hole into the knee of his jeans! His very first!

So when Yannick was taking his afternoon nap I got ready to simply iron a little patch on to repair it, but then changed my mind and went for a more special treatment, one that befits our little monster! 😀

UPDATE (27 Jan 2016):

Yannick instantly loved his new friend and immediately tried to pull his arms out – good thing I had secured those with triple (!) stitches… 😛