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Apple patches

There was another pair of pants with Swiss cheese knees that needed mending…

I didn’t want to just do the standard ovals, but wasn’t up for anything too time-consuming (like the little monster patch I once made). And since my fabric choices were limited to denim and some red twill, I went for a pair of apples. In order to get a clean edge, I backed the twill with a piece of fusible interfacing when stitching the apple contours on, then flipped the patches inside out and ironed them on. As the heat didn’t travel well enough through all the layers to make the apples stick nicely everywhere, I ended up hand-stitching all the way around. That certainly doubled the project time but I like the rustic look and I think it looks great with the little leather stems! Here’s a close-up of my charmingly uneven stitches (which also reveals that I could have used a lint roller prior to taking the picture… 😋).

When the big monster saw the result, he immediately took his sweat pants off in exchange for his new old pants. That totally made my day – he even called them “fancy pants”! 😎

Time for dragons

There was another baby born last month, so another cuddly toy was needed. This time I chose to make a dragon. I went for knotted paws again (this time I made sure they were long enough for easy knotting… 😋) and he also got the same striped belly as Pepe’s little bear. The pieces were a bit more intricate, especially the wings and the spikes along the back, but the fleece’s stretch was helpful and somewhat forgiving while flipping and assembling everything. The head got a little bit of padding, but overall it’s another really flabby fellow. But a cute one, isn’t he?! 🤗 So, sweet little Jakob, I hope you’ll like your new friend!

The initial inspiration for the dragon came from these two fabrics that Paul found a few months ago. Beer-drinking knights might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of babies, but I think they’re a great motif for a bib – so that’s what I made as well. 😉

I also wanted to add something for Victoria, Jakob’s older sister, before sending the parcel. Pre-Christmas season in Germany is also Plätzchen season and assuming that the 5-year-old lady enjoys baking I chose to make a little apron. The dimensions are mostly identical to Yannick’s apron plus some extra length of course. The tiny strawberries are maybe not exactly a winter theme but I just liked the pattern so much. For an extra girly touch I also added some pink scallops to the front pocket and I find they make for a really charming detail!

Congratulations to the whole family again to the arrival of the youngest one!! 💛

Into the wood went the Gruffalo’s Child…

The little monster was born so close to Halloween last year that we were too busy to dress up… But this year, we were more than ready!

The Gruffalo being one of our favorite books, it was easy to choose the kids’ costumes: the Little Brown Mouse for the little monster, the Gruffalo’s Child for the big monster. So, the kids book in hand as a reference, I went to the fabric store and got some fleece in the required colors. Then, using the hood of one of Timo’s jackets as a template, I started by drafting the characters’ heads with paper and Scotch tape.

After sewing the ears I cut the pieces for the hood and appliqued the eyes on, then assembled everything. Despite my great paper templates, the mouse hood turned out way too big for the little monster’s head though and I ended up going through a number of alterations until it finally fit. But I learned my lesson, cut the pieces of the Gruffalo hood a bit smaller and after sewing the pieces together, it actually fit perfectly on the first attempt.

As the next step I made the tails – a long pink one for the mouse and a much shorter one with a brown tuft for the Gruffalo. The two bodies are almost identical. The Gruffalo’s is just a bit bigger of course and it has purple prickles all over his back. A very important detail though if you know the book! 😉 Then, nothing left but sewing those three components together. That evening I may have stayed up a bit longer than planned, but I just couldn’t go to bed before seeing the final results!

And then that great moment the next morning, when I put the costumes on the kids for the first time! Mommy’s heart was melting only a bit when I saw my cute little monsters running through the living room! 💛

It didn’t take long though and they both wanted to take them off – no real surprise I guess… Fortunately, there were still a few days left until Halloween. So trying to get them really excited about the characters and thus hopefully increase the chances that they’d keep their hoods on on Tuesday, we have been reading the books and watching the movies a number of times over the last few days. 😉 And it worked! Or maybe it was seeing the other kids in their costumes, but both monsters seemed to really enjoy being dressed up when we went to our play group in the morning.

And even in the evening, when all the little trick-or-treaters came to our door they proudly wore their costumes again! By that point, Timo’s tail was not very pink anymore but rather grey from all the dirt he’d been collecting over the day… 😉

I really enjoyed using fleece for the costumes. To me, it is just the perfect material: it’s soft and cozy, easy to work with as it doesn’t fray, you can get it in a broad variety of different colors and it’s relatively inexpensive. I am already looking forward to next year when the monsters will come up with their own ideas about how to dress up – hopefully nothing too complicated though! 😛