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Figs and pears


I really hope that I am not boring anyone with another post on sweet pizza, but I just can’t help myself… ūüėõ After Paul brought a crate of fresh figs home on Saturday, that seemed to be the perfect occasion for another weekend pizza feast – plus, we had a friend over for lunch yesterday.

We already really¬†enjoyed the pear pizza from last time, but I find this time it turned out even better. We added some Ricotta to the sour cream base and were a little more daring with the amount of blue cheese that we crumbled over everything. But I think the biggest difference were the figs themselves – simply such a treat! The only thing I may have missed a little¬†bit would have been a glass of red wine but well… soon enough…

Sweet and savory pizza

It was pizza night once again at our house yesterday – a nice and quiet one as the monster was already asleep. ūüôā


It was time for another tomato free and meat free pizza experiment. So I used sour cream with salt, pepper and nutmeg (of course!) as a basis on a thin crust, then topped it with caramalized Balsamico onions, pear slices, crumbled blue cheese, sliced almonds and some fresh thyme. I had seen a similar combination with figs a little while ago, but thought that pears would be a great choice, too. And they were! So yummy РI must have a real sweet spot for sweet and savory food!



Paul and I made Flammkuchen for supper¬†last night. We hadn’t had these “German pizzas” in such a long time and really enjoyed them. We made three different ones (my favorite was goats cheese, honey, red onions¬†and balsamic vinegar)¬†and ate each of them right there in the kitchen while the next one was¬†getting ready¬†in the oven. With Yannick crawling around between our feet and a¬†glass of red, so good! Quite¬†the kitchen party! ūüėČ