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Into the wood went the Gruffalo’s Child…

The little monster was born so close to Halloween last year that we were too busy to dress up… But this year, we were more than ready!

The Gruffalo being one of our favorite books, it was easy to choose the kids’ costumes: the Little Brown Mouse for the little monster, the Gruffalo’s Child for the big monster. So, the kids book in hand as a reference, I went to the fabric store and got some fleece in the required colors. Then, using the hood of one of Timo’s jackets as a template, I started by drafting the characters’ heads with paper and Scotch tape.

After sewing the ears I cut the pieces for the hood and appliqued the eyes on, then assembled everything. Despite my great paper templates, the mouse hood turned out way too big for the little monster’s head though and I ended up going through a number of alterations until it finally fit. But I learned my lesson, cut the pieces of the Gruffalo hood a bit smaller and after sewing the pieces together, it actually fit perfectly on the first attempt.

As the next step I made the tails – a long pink one for the mouse and a much shorter one with a brown tuft for the Gruffalo. The two bodies are almost identical. The Gruffalo’s is just a bit bigger of course and it has purple prickles all over his back. A very important detail though if you know the book! 😉 Then, nothing left but sewing those three components together. That evening I may have stayed up a bit longer than planned, but I just couldn’t go to bed before seeing the final results!

And then that great moment the next morning, when I put the costumes on the kids for the first time! Mommy’s heart was melting only a bit when I saw my cute little monsters running through the living room! 💛

It didn’t take long though and they both wanted to take them off – no real surprise I guess… Fortunately, there were still a few days left until Halloween. So trying to get them really excited about the characters and thus hopefully increase the chances that they’d keep their hoods on on Tuesday, we have been reading the books and watching the movies a number of times over the last few days. 😉 And it worked! Or maybe it was seeing the other kids in their costumes, but both monsters seemed to really enjoy being dressed up when we went to our play group in the morning.

And even in the evening, when all the little trick-or-treaters came to our door they proudly wore their costumes again! By that point, Timo’s tail was not very pink anymore but rather grey from all the dirt he’d been collecting over the day… 😉

I really enjoyed using fleece for the costumes. To me, it is just the perfect material: it’s soft and cozy, easy to work with as it doesn’t fray, you can get it in a broad variety of different colors and it’s relatively inexpensive. I am already looking forward to next year when the monsters will come up with their own ideas about how to dress up – hopefully nothing too complicated though! 😛


Ever since I can remember I have loved to dress up. Carnival, Christmas, Easter, birthday parties (except Halloween which wasn’t a “thing” in Germany at the time)… you name it – my sisters and I would dress up or paint our faces. There’s plenty of photo evidence. 😉 And while I don’t think that dressing up is only for kids, I do think it is even more fun with kids. I had such a great time with our little monkey a year ago and was already getting excited about Halloween… But then we were too busy with the second monster’s arrival and didn’t get a chance to dress up. But now that it’s carnival time in Germany again, here we are with our next chance!

So we just needed to figure out the costumes… During our trip to Germany a few weeks ago, Yannick got all excited about the ponies and goats at a little pet zoo and wouldn’t stop neighing for a long time. Since we’ve been back, we’ve been watching Heartland with him and it is so funny to see him point at every single horse in the show. So I decided that the little monsters should be cowboys! I made a horse head out of extra thick brown felt and Paul cut the stick off an old mop I didn’t even know we had in our garage. I added some bias tape reins and two little bells (clearly the best feature!) – and here we go!


Both monsters are proud owners of a plaid shirt and good thing every real cowboy has a hat in his closet, eh Paul? (It is not easy to take a picture of a running toddler with props, so it turned out a little blurry, but at least the stick horse is in focus… 😜)

And the little monster even has real boots! They were a gift from his uncle.


He usually kicks them off within three and a half seconds though, so his picture was no easier. But we also got a nice shot of him and his horsie, one of the treasures from my own childhood that survived! 🙂


So proud of the two, yeehaw! 😀