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Cloud shelves



A little bit of white paint, some simple and inexpensive bathroom shelves from Ikea (both the shelves and knobs are from their Enudden series) and – tadah – some cloud shelves for the kids room!

I drew the clouds on paper first, then transferred them to the wall outlining the contures with a thin pencil line. After filling the cloud shapes with a first layer of white paint, the grey wall still shone through in some spots, so I applied a second layer after a few hours. Then I just needed to attach the shelves…

Aren’t the curved edges and the delicate design of these shelves so perfect?! And I find, together with the birch trees that I painted on one of the other walls, they just add such a nice and cozy atmosphere to the room! Kinda proud of myself! 😛

And while the shelves are certainly not made to hold a whole library of kids books or other heavy stuff, I find it is a great way to display some favorite items.

I am also thinking of getting a few more of these knobs for our walk-in closet… Or maybe for the guest room that we just painted and that still needs some finishing touches…? Let’s see! 😉