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A third gent

In order to continue the tradition that we started last year, the little monster also had to have his own bowtie. So at Christmas I made a third one from the same red and navy plaid fabric.

I am not sure yet when my three misters will have the occasion to wear their matching accessories for the first time. But for about two weeks the little monster wants to stand on his feet all the time and he does it with such pride that I thought this would be the perfect moment to try his little bowtie on and to take some pictures. And here they are! Looking good, eh?! 🙂



Bowties in action!

Time passes so quickly sometimes – we have already been back home from our trip to Sault Ste. Marie for a whole week now! So I suppose it’s high time to show you the promised pictures of the monster and his daddy, both wearing their nice bowties! Hope you like them, mommy was so proud of her two handsome gentlemen! 💛



We also got a nice family shot with all three of us…


… and another great one with the beautiful bride! 💛


Two gentlemen

There we go, the partner look for my two favorite guys is a done deal! 😀


After the great resonance to the monster’s bowtie, there didn’t really seem to be much of a choice and to be honest, I also didn’t ask too many questions, but just made a second bowtie for Paul. It was Father’s Day yesterday after all, so what better occasion could I ask for?! I also truly believe that he’ll be glad to wear it, so I don’t feel too imposing… 😉

I didn’t have enough fabric left for a normal bowtie that Paul could actually tie himself, so he got the same pre-tied design as the monster. The white elastic is certainly not the prettiest detail, but well…it does the job and it will be hidden under a collar. So anyways, they’ll both look great and it will be such a nice occasion for some family pictures, too. While we have plenty of photo and video material of the monster, there are only very few photos of daddy (and mommy…) – so yey, can’t wait! 🙂