Salad and salmon

When I got this piece of salmon at the store today, I was planning to have it with the leftovers of yesterday’s ratatouille. But then I remembered the rucola lettuce that was still sitting in the fridge and that I didn’t want to become a sad lettuce… So, salmon with salad it was for supper today. I roasted some pine nuts, chopped some dried cranberries and found some goat cheese and dill in the freezer. And I thaught a sliced pear would be perfect for the final touch since I kinda like fruity salads… And the honey-mustard-balsamico dressing also turned out quite good!

Paul is travelling for work this week and while I know myself and how much I prefer cooking for more than one person, I promised myself that I would not just have cereals three times a day. Today, I was actually tempted – not because I wanted cereals, but the monster was not a very happy monster today. No idea why, but he constantly wanted to be picked up, then not to be on my arm, but then he’d cling to my leg whining only a few seconds later. So we ended up making supper “together”, the monster being strapped to my front in his old baby carrier. It was not my first time cooking like that, but the last time he was definitely a few pounds lighter and not moving half as much! But we did it, and I really enjoyed my fish and salad after! 🙂

Now the little man is sleeping peacefully and mommy is probably going to follow his example soon…


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