Oktoberfest photo props

As a fun detail of their wedding, my sister wanted to have a Bavarian photo booth. So we crafted some props while they and my parents were visiting us in Ottawa about two weeks ago. It has been a little while since I’ve last worked with paper, cardboard and glue sticks, but Britta and my mom were excellent crafts buddies and I think we did a pretty decent job! I’m not sure which of the items I like most, maybe the suspenders or the Weißwurst…? Which one is your favorite? 😉

Can’t wait to see all the pictures that everyone took! Hope they turned out good!




  1. Rose

    It’s pretty hard to pick a favorite — I think they are all wonderful reflections of Bavaria, but I think I would have to choose the beer stein! Ah, what great memories of our last trip to Germany and your wedding!

    1. Astrid *

      Hi Rose, I somehow completely missed your comment – I would have replied earlier! Thank you for your compliments, we definitely did have a lot of fun cutting and gluing everything! 😉

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