Our little people

I am not an overly sentimental person, nor do I get attached to things all that easily. But there is an exception for everything. While tidying up and reorganizing the guest room, I recently found these little guys in one of the boxes filled with things that don’t quite have their spot but I also can’t throw away. They were our wedding cake topper and oh, I remember trying so hard to match our outfits and hairstyles when I made them!


Paul’s actual bow tie wasn’t quite so huge on him though… 😛


I’ve been looking out for a shadow box for a while but couldn’t find one with the right dimensions. So, as you can easily guess, we ended up making our own. 😉

During our last trip to Ikea we got a square picture frame and explanted the glass. And with some leftover maple from our highchair project Paul build a new, deeper frame and a little pedestal. It’s been glued together and the back has been painted to match our bedroom wall. However, with the low temperatures outside and in the workshop (aka our garage) spraying it with clear lacquer will have to wait until it warms up a bit. But until that happens (winters here can be long I’ve heard…), our little people might as well enjoy their new spot on the wall instead of waiting in a dark box!


I hope you like this very special, now framed memory of ours! Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! 💛

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