My favorite bibs

Yesterday, during Yannick’s afternoon nap, I made a second bib for him. Well, we DO have a BUNCH of bibs, but since Yannick made it a game to take them off as fast as he can, there’s basically just one that I’ve been using all the time… and which – as a pretty obvious result – is chronically covered under several layers of food stains.

A while ago I found this tutorial from Delia Creates and I really like the knot-and-buttonhole detail which Yannick hasn’t managed to open – yet… Our other bibs all have Velcro closures which provide almost no resistance to the monster’s attacks.

I got the fabric well before Yannick was born (or I was even pregnant…) on a fabric market in Kiel. I just instantly fell in love with these adorable farm animals and might have purchased my very first kids item right there. 🙂


  1. Heike

    Meine größte Freude sind die zauberhaft gemusteren Stoffe, die Du verarbeitest! Beim nächsten Canada-Besuch werde ich Dich gern in Deinen Stoffladen begleiten! 🙂

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