Kiddo-proofing our fireplace

With Yannick getting more and more mobile and even more curious, last Saturday, we were on a mission to further child proof our house. We already had protectors for the power plugs in place and all accessable cables removed a little while ago. Now we got a second baby gate to keep Yannick from climbing up the stairs and installed a whole bunch of these annoying hooks to our kitchen cabinets and drawers.

One thing that Yannick kept attacking though, was our fireplace. And as the chair in front of it didn’t really help anymore and we got tired of pulling him away from the danger zone all the time, Paul quickly cut a board to cover it and I found two little handle knobs in my Ikea leftover box. I guess that’s all that was required, but when Paul just casually said “you know, we could even paint a fire on it” I definitely didn’t need a second invitation!

And a spray can of chalkboard paint and a package of non-toxic kids chalks later, this is what our fireplace now looks like:


Now let’s wait for some monster hands to make a mess out of it! πŸ˜‰


Ha! It only took about two and a half minutes for him to attack… πŸ˜›



    1. Astrid *

      Oh yes, he certainly is! πŸ˜›
      He can β€œdraw” the next fire himself soon – or rather scribble scrabble all over the board…

    1. Astrid *

      Already did! πŸ˜› It only took about two and a half minutes… I’ll take a pic of his oeuvre and update the post!

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