Grippy slippers for the monster

A little over a week ago Yannick stood up and started walking holding our hands. And now he constantly wants to be on his feet, pulling himself up on everything and everyone. He also has a few pairs of socks with rubber dots on the soles that help him stay upright, but I just wanted to make some slippers, too. So on my quest for something cool I came across this tutorial for TOMS-inspired baby shoes and made them my last night’s project, using the same rubbery fabric for the soles as for this door stopper – which is what I got that fabric for in the first place anyways… 😉


While being super fashionable it turns out that the pattern was obviously designed for kids with wider feet than Yannick’s, but with an extra pair of socks they stay on – at least until he decides to take them off! 😛


    1. Astrid *

      We’ll see… I always plan on making something for myself, then end up making something for the monster again… 😉

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