Good night, sleep tight…

The monster has a new sleeping bag! With summer coming, I wanted to have a light one for him, just one layer of snuggly flannel. The fabric was a gift from my mom and grandma, so thanks a lot to both of you! 😘

Aren’t all those little zebras, lions, elephants and hippos the cutest?! I instantly fell in love with them, got some matching red bias tape and a zipper and here is the result! Can’t wait to use it – probably later this week if the forecast can be trusted…


I had made another sleeping bag last year and was amazed to see the difference in size today! 😮 This one was lined and padded though which made it a lot warmer. Yannick was wearing it last fall and part of the winter, until he grew out of it. I do remember cursing a little bit while fighting with the different layers, but in the end I could not be mad at those lovely bugs!



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