Chunky knit pillows

A little while ago (when it was still cold and more knitting season than now…), my dear friend Angela infected me with her chunky knitting. I already have tons of scarfs and cowls, so I decided to make some pillows for our living room after I found a teal yarn that perfectly matches our accent chair.

The needles that I borrowed from Angela had the dimensions of a pair of drumsticks. I had experimented with a pair of our chopsticks at first but those actually turned out too thin. 😉

I went for a knitted front and got some matching cotton fabric for the pillow backs. The knit rectangles had already been completed and waiting in the closet for weeks, and this weekend I finally finished the fabric part, too. I decided to have the zippers go right across the pillow back since placing it somewhere along the pillow edge at the knit-fabric joint didn’t seem like a good idea. I covered it under a pleat though as I didn’t want it to be exposed.


Because of the knit being so large-scale I was a little worried that the pillow insert would show through the mesh, so I backed it with a layer of the same cotton fabric. After finishing all three pieces, I assembled them making a nice fabric sandwich (zippered pillow back right side up / knitted pillow front right side down / lining right side down), sewing them together all the way around (which was a bit of a fight as the knit would always retract), then flipping the finished pillow cover inside-out through the zipper opening.


Not being sure how large the pillow covers would turn out after finishing up all the yarn, I also made custom inserts, quickly sewing together two rectangles cut from some leftover fabric and emptying an oddly sized Ikea pillow that we never use to stuff our new friends.

And tadah, here they are, our new cuddle buddies! 😉



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