Christmas napkins

After the first set of napkins that I made for Thanksgiving, we now also have one for the Christmas season 🙂

I instantly fell in love with the pattern – probably because it’s not just another red and green one…1512_Napkins_13I went for mitered corners because I find they simply give the neatest look. Yes, it is an additional step and it takes a little longer, but I find the result is totally worth the extra effort! And once your production line is set up, it is not really all that bad…

I have come across several techniques, but this is the only one that really makes sense to me:

I like 46 cm by 46 cm large napkins with 2 cm wide seams, so I start by marking one line at 2 cm from the edge of the fabric and a second one at 5 cm on the back of a 52 cm by 52 cm piece of fabric. Fold the edge of the fabric onto the first line and press, then fold it to the second line and press again. Do this to all four sides of the napkin.

Unfold the second fold and fold the corner of the napkin diagonally with the right side inside (with the first fold still in place). Now identify the line that you want to sew: it goes through the point where the two inner creases meet, perpendicularly to the diagonal edge.1512_Napkins_03

Sew on that line, then trim the corner.1512_Napkins_05

Now slip your index finger into the corner and press the seam open with your thumb as shown in the picture below. Hold the little triangle in position and flip the corner inside-out.

If the corner is not perfectly pointy, you can easily push it out with a piece of cardboard or any other blunt (!) object that’s pointed and flat (I used the set square shown in one of the previous pictures).

Now all that’s left to do is to finish your seams by sewing along the inside edge of all four sides of the napkin.

Tadah! And now just invite some nice people for a pre-Christmas coffee and show off your new creations! 🙂


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