Champagne jam

I went on a nice long stroll with the monster this morning. Our mission: to get fruits for jam. I didn’t really have anything specific in mind, just wanted to see the offer and then decide. And strawberries and raspberries it was, both dark red and both on sale. 🙂 A spark of spontaneous inspiration also led us to the liquor store next door for some champagne, simply so good with strawberries and raspberries!


There’s just something about making jam and enjoying the heavenly smells while stirring the pure deliciousness…


The monster also had a great time, sitting on the kitchen floor munching raspberries. 😉 And here we are: champagne bottle empty, but jam stock filled up again!


 UPDATE (2 June 2016):

I just enjoyed my first breakfast bun with the new jam. So good! It is slightly on the runny side I have to admit, but my ratio of 3:1 (fruits to champagne) turned out really yummy – enough champagne to be clearly noticeable, but also not overpowering… Prost! 😉



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