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A little chef


Over the last few weeks, the big monster has shown a real interest in cooking. Besides watching me in the kitchen, stirring his building blocks and making lego soup have been some of the first activities that would keep him busy on his own for (somewhat) extended periods of time. So after he had transferred the armrest of our couch into his counter top/stove using more and more of our kitchen equipment, I decided to make him an apron for his birthday and give him his first own utensils.


I found the scribbled grey and white pin stripes were perfect for a little mister’s kitchen gear and added a red pocket and straps as color accents. And, as I simply couldn’t resist, I also made him a little chef hat… 😛

Just as I had expected, he instantly liked the apron but really didn’t want to wear the hat when we first tried everything on. To my big surprise though, he didn’t mind wearing it during our last pizza making session. And even better: daddy had the camera ready! 😉





Ever since I can remember I have loved to dress up. Carnival, Christmas, Easter, birthday parties (except Halloween which wasn’t a “thing” in Germany at the time)… you name it – my sisters and I would dress up or paint our faces. There’s plenty of photo evidence. 😉 And while I don’t think that dressing up is only for kids, I do think it is even more fun with kids. I had such a great time with our little monkey a year ago and was already getting excited about Halloween… But then we were too busy with the second monster’s arrival and didn’t get a check to dress up. But now that it’s carnival time in Germany again, here we are with our next chance!

So we just needed to figure out the costumes… During our trip to Germany a few weeks ago, Yannick got all excited about the ponies and goats at a little pet zoo and wouldn’t stop neighing for a long time. Since we’ve been back, we’ve been watching Heartland with him and it is so funny to see him point at every single horse in the show. So I decided that the little monsters should be cowboys! I made a horse head out of extra thick brown felt and Paul cut the stick off an old mop I didn’t even know we had in our garage. I added some bias tape reins and two little bells (clearly the best feature!) – and here we go!


Both monsters are proud owners of a plaid shirt and good thing every real cowboy has a hat in his closet, eh Paul? (It is not easy to take a picture of a running toddler with props, so it turned out a little blurry, but at least the stick horse is in focus… 😜)

And the little monster even has real boots! They were a gift from his uncle.


He usually kicks them off within three and a half seconds though, so his picture was no easier. But we also got a nice shot of him and his horsie, one of the treasures from my own childhood that survived! 🙂


So proud of the two, yeehaw! 😀

Bowties in action!

Time passes so quickly sometimes – we have already been back home from our trip to Sault Ste. Marie for a whole week now! So I suppose it’s high time to show you the promised pictures of the monster and his daddy, both wearing their nice bowties! Hope you like them, mommy was so proud of her two handsome gentlemen! 💛



We also got a nice family shot with all three of us…


… and another great one with the beautiful bride! 💛


Our little beer garden


Beergardening inarguably is one of the most characteristic details of the Bavarian lifestyle – and my family is particularly good at it! 😀

So today we made homemade pretzels with my parents who are currently visiting, some Obatzda (typical Bavarian cheese dip) and had a pretty good time on our deck, enjoying our beers, radlers and apple spritzers. I even had some more of the fabric that I used for a picnic/beer garden table cloth that I made for my parents a few years ago (and which still seems to be a faithful companion on all their biking and beergarden tours). The edges were still raw when I put it on the table today (I’ll fix that soon…) but the white and blue colors really made me feel like sitting in an authentic Munich beer garden. I could even enjoy the shade of our acorn tree and didn’t miss the typical chestnut trees too much… 😛

Prost everyone! 🍺



My first crocus!


May I present you with the first crocuses that opened their petals in front of our house today?! Let’s enjoy them while they last! Last year, Mr bunny came for a visit and ate them all on day two… 😛


Anyways, it’s so nice to finally see all the snow gone (except for some particularly tenacious remnants in the most shady corners around the house…) and to enjoy the sunshine and stable plus degrees! Happy springtime, everyone! 🙂


A box housie

Last weekend we got a kids’ car seat for the monster because he outgrew the infant car seat. And he really seamed to enjoy the test drive on our couch and looked so proud sitting there, upright like a big person!


But even better was the box that the seat came in, which made all previous diaper boxes look so tiny and was perfectly sized for a little housie. For a nicer look, we flipped the box inside out and as soon as the doors and the windows were cut, Yannick was already in it. And while the planters were added, the Sharpie may also have caught his hand once or twice…


Ever since, the monster has pushed his house around and also managed to flip it over a few times while climbing through the windows. But most times he would just bring some toys in and simply hang out in his new home – or play peek-a-boo with Oma and Opa.


But he still joins us for breakfast most days… 😉


Snowed in…

It has been snowing here since this morning – we have about half a meter for now… and it’s still snowing… Good thing the fridge and freezer are not too empty, so we could survive a couple of days 😛

Being stuck inside we still wanted to have some fun and decided to bring the snow inside where it is a bit cozier. And the monster sure was curious about this weird, cold stuff!



At the occasion, we also met Olaf who was so happy to have found some new friends and a new home. Unfortunately, he didn’t live very long… 😛



Going bananas!

It’s carnival in Germany, so I was looking for a suitable disguise for the monster. But then, thinking about it, there was really only one option! Not only does he love climbing up our curtains, he has also developed a really good grip for when he wants to stay on mom’s or dad’s arm… So I quickly made him some ears and a tail – and here we go!


And even better: I just learned that Yannick’s outfit also matches the Chinese calendar. Happy monkey year everyone! 😀

Welcome to my blog!


Hello, creative minds out there! Welcome to my new blog!

There is a growing list of people who wish to be updated about my ongoing food and craft projects, so please let me use this blog to show to you some of the things I’ve made and will make in the future.

I would always prefer a home-made solution over just running to the store – if it is food, kids clothes or cushion covers… I just really enjoy the creative process itself and love being surrounded by these unique little gems.

After purchasing a table saw, my husband Paul recently transformed our garage into a woodworking shop, which is adding a whole new chapter to my crafts world. 🙂 Can’t wait to start working off the list of ideas I already have in mind!

With this blog I’d like to share with you some of the little things that make life prettier and more fun – or I should say MY life. What are the things that make YOU happy? Leave lots of comments!

So, please enjoy reading about some of my latest food and craft projects!