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Floral PJs

After all the kids projects that have kept me busy lately, I made something for myself once again. I am the proud owner of these very girly, floral PJ pants! 🙂


Well, I think they’ll actually be more my running-around-at-home pants – but anyways, aren’t they pretty?! I was first thinking of using some bold pink as contrasting color for the waist band, drawstring and inside the pockets, but then I preferred the light aqua color. I’m actually wearing them right now, so comfy! 😉

A squirrel parade


I have a new toque! Living in Canada you’d think I have plenty of them, but while I have tons of scarves I actually only have one toque and that one is pretty worn out and definitely ready for retirement.

Initially I wanted it to match these mittens and was already half way done, but for some reason the broken seed stitch turned out really wide, making the toque way too big for my head. So, change of plans, some unravelling and a few squirrels – and here it is! I was also considering a pompom like Paul’s, but then decided against it because I wanted the little white diamonds at the top to stay visible.

Good thing there’s enough winter left with plenty of opportunities to wear it! 😛

Bobble mittens


And here I’m back with more knitting – the announced break didn’t last very long, eh?!

I think I mostly came to like knitting so much because it is so mobile: you can work on your project wherever you like. And there are no power cables or foot pedals to worry about. I can even get a few rows done in all those moments where Yannick is happily playing alone. But then I can still jump up and run at anytime if required.

And I find, once you know a few basics, you can “build” pretty much anything. Not to mention the huge variety of different patterns and stitches to explore…

Anyways, I had a lot of fun knitting these popcorn stitch mittens which i lined with micro fleece for some extra warmth.

Happy birthday, Angela! 🙂