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One stereotypical thing many German expatriates seem to miss most is their bread. And I guess it’s true, I’m one of them. Not that there’s no good bread in Canada – I have found some amazing kinds with olives, nuts, cranberries and other goodies. Just when it comes to the typically German, heavy (!) sourdough rye bread, that is a real rarity here. So I suppose making my own bread was quite logically the next step. I have actually tried once ore twice before, but not with satisfying results… But this time, I had Maike’s recipe, so chances for success could hardly be better! 😉

Last time they were here, my parents brought some sourdough starter. And now that they’re here again, two days ago we started the process by mixing that starter with rye flour and water and let it sit over night. Yesterday morning we made our own spices mix grinding some caraway, fennel and coriander seeds – honest physical labor… 😛


We then added these spices, some salt, wheat flour, more water and lots of sunflower seeds to the rye dough and kneaded everything together. Because we only had one baking dish, I cleaned two former tomato cans which I also lined with butter and mixed grains (poppy, sesame and caraway seeds).


After letting the dough rise for another 6 hours it was finally baking time! And look at this beautiful crust!


And this morning we enjoyed a really nice breakfast. With cheese, prosciutto, honey and – you can probably guess – lots of homemade jam! 🙂 And everybody liked the round slices! So I’m actually considering always making canned bread from now on, it also seems to be a good size for two people and a perfect freezer portion.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the starter for our next baking session: a sample that I took from the rye mix and covered with water. I’m curious to see this work but until then, the jar will have to sit and wait in the fridge.


Thank you Maike for your recipe and detailed advice!! You definitely helped us bring some great feeling of home onto our table! 💛

UPDATE (22 May 2016):

I had completely forgotten to provide you with an update about our experience with using starters for the following batches. It works great! Thanks again Maike, now we’re self-sustaining rye bread bakers! 😀

Here is a picture from our last batch a few days ago:



    1. Astrid *

      The diameter of the two was almost identical, so I just left them in the oven for the same amount of time and that worked out fine. 🙂

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