Today I really felt like making pizza. I wanted it to be different though, but varying the toppings once again didn’t quite seem like enough. So instead I made calzone for the first time. The filling was nothing extravagant at all but actually just a few simple ingredients: tomato sauce (spiced with garlic and some herbs), ricotta, mozzarella and some spinach.


While it turned out ok, Paul and I agreed that we still prefer the traditional flat pizza. I think I just missed how the toppings would normally get roasted so nicely. I could see the concept work great for small, finger food style pizza pockets though… will give it a try one day.

Anyways, today I was definitely more excited about the little side salad that I also made. And that’s because I harvested the first lettuce from our garden this year, yey! 🙂 Arugula and mixed spring leaves, with tomatoes, mini mozzarellas and a sweet honey-balsamico dressing. Yummy!



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