Bears and gnomes

I made a little bear and look at him, isn’t he adorable?! Please forgive me if I sound a bit too proud of myself, but it’s been so long since I last made something for a little baby and I truly enjoyed every second of it so much! Or almost… Just after finishing the last seam I was sweating for a moment. As it turned out I had slightly underestimated the required length for the arms and legs and almost ripped them off while trying to tie the knots. But after some twiddling I finally managed and all was good! 😜 So, sweet little Pepe, I hope you’ll like your new cuddle buddy!

Since Pepe lives by the sea, I chose maritime stripes and little anchors for the bear’s outfit, with just a pinch of contrasting green for the arms. All three are soft jersey fabrics and for the bear’s fur I used light brown terry cloth. As I didn’t add any padding, he is a bit of a flabby fellow but therefore easier to grab with tiny hands.

I also made a pair of reversible gnome hats for Pepe and his older brother Tamo, using yellow and green fleece and lining them with the same striped jersey fabric that I used for the little bear. I really hope that Pepe’s hat fits, at least I was lucky enough to have a test head for Tamo’s size! 😉 Now I just have to hope that Tamo isn’t too old for that style of hat!

1710_Bears-and-gnomes_02 1710_Bears-and-gnomes_03 1710_Bears-and-gnomes_04

Congratulations to the whole family again to the arrival of the youngest one!! 💛


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