Another house shelf

Paul made these house shelves for my last birthday that we hung up above my sewing desk. He could not decide between two different designs at first though and simply made one of each. I hate to admit that one of them has been sitting in the basement until now, just because I could not decide on where to hang it… 😐

But now I finally found the perfect spot! I have been keeping a few diapers, wipes and spare outfits beside my bed for our nightly adventures with the little monster, because using our normal changing table in the kids room would mean disrupting the big monster’s sleep. So Paul mounted it to the wall beside my bed today and I filled it with all the mentioned goodies – plus some midnight snacks for mommy… 😉

And doesn’t the shelf look so nice with our co-sleeper?! Thanks again, Paul!



    1. Astrid *

      Zumindest für eine Weile – mal sehen, wo es langfristig seinen Platz findet… Aber zurück in den Keller kommt es ganz sicher nicht! 😉

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