A week of ham

We did it! We finally finished the leftovers from the humongous ham that we had with my parents just before Christmas!

It was a LOT. I knew that when I took the container out of the freezer, but still… I underestimated it 😛

Anyways, on day 1 we started with a nice red cabbage (aren’t they so pretty when cut in half?!) and some lovely taters… then had it again on day 2… and again on day 3. After that, the cabbage was gone, but not the ham.


On day 4 we needed something different, ideally with a more subtle dose of ham. So I made a quiche with broccoli, said ham and a little chorizo. It turned out pretty good and we almost completely finished it. On the downside, we still had ham in the fridge.


Day 5 was a pasta day! Shells in a creamy ricotta sauce with mushrooms, onions, spinach, peas and… ham, of course! And lots of freshly ground Parmesan which makes it impossible to actually see any of the ingredients in the picture 😛


On day 6 we cheated and sneaked a fish day into our week’s menu.

And yesterday (day 7), making a big pot of lentil soup, we finally won the battle against the ham! Or almost… no more ham in the fridge, but at least one more soup supper to go… But with all the sausage that also fell into the soup, the ham is hardly noticeable anyways! 😀



  1. Heike

    Eine so große Portion Fleisch in einer Woche für zwei Personen zu verbrauchen, ist schon eine Herausforderung! 😉 Ihr habt die Aufgabe mit einigen guten Anregungen und Ideen gemeistert! 🙂

    1. Astrid *

      When we first had it with my parents, I was stunned there were pigs big enough to make such hams! 😛 The leftover piece that Paul and I attacked now was “only” around 1.5 kg (my estimate, I didn’t weigh it)

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