A true quilt

When I made this baby blanket for Theo a few months ago, I remember mentioning that I wanted to make a “true” quilt one day. And here we are, not even too long after! My sister’s wedding was just the perfect occasion as it makes for such a beautiful and symbolic wedding gift! 🙂


I already had such a great time at the fabric store choosing this set of eight fabrics! I almost put them under my pillow going to bed that evening… 😛


I chose a classic patchwork design made of 7.5 inch squares, i.e. my pieces were by far not as tiny as for most of the quilts that I’ve been admiring on Pinterest etc., but this being my first quilt, I wanted to keep things simple. And it actually is a BIG one (90 inches x 90 inches) – the photo only shows a quarter of the whole quilt. Paul is hiding behind it while sitting on a chair holding it up for the picture. 😉 So despite the simple design, my sewing machine and I had some intense moments – a few quiet swear-words included – at least while quilting the middle section where I had to manoeuver a  considerable sausage of rolled fabric through the arm of my sewing machine on the right side of the needle.

I wanted the squares to be randomised, but still in a balanced way, meaning that I didn’t want to end up with too many dark squares in one corner for example. So as everybody else would have (right?! 😜), I sorted my fabrics from dark to bright, assigning them numbers from 1 to 8, then made an excel spreadsheet to visualize the layout. Then I played around until I had the same number of squares for each fabric in total and in each quarter of the quilt, and never having the same numbers in adjacent fields:


I pinned this cheat sheet over my desk and for each row that I was sewing, I grabbed the 12 required fabrics from my eight piles of cut fabric squares. Sometimes I suppose I’m trying pretty hard to be as efficient as possible… but it worked pretty well, except for the fact the I still see a number 2 instead of a square with a flower pattern 😛

And this was after the front of the quilt was finished and ironed:


As I didn’t want the quilt to be too warm, I chose a light batting. And for the back of the quilt I got a light grey flat sheet because I wanted it to be just one piece and most fabrics come only 44 inches wide. But I find the color goes really well with all the different shades of teal and makes them pop quite nicely. And I find the teal quilting seams also look really nice on the grey background. Anyways, I am more than happy with the result and now want a quilt for us, too 😉 I may actually already have bought the first few pieces of fabric… but that will be another story…

Congratulations again, Britta and Pete!!! 😘


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