A third gent

In order to continue the tradition that we started last year, the little monster also had to have his own bowtie. So at Christmas I made a third one from the same red and navy plaid fabric.

I am not sure yet when my three misters will have the occasion to wear their matching accessories for the first time. But for about two weeks the little monster wants to stand on his feet all the time and he does it with such pride that I thought this would be the perfect moment to try his little bowtie on and to take some pictures. And here they are! Looking good, eh?! 🙂




  1. Rose

    WOW! I can’t believe it! Timo is not even 4 months old yet and he’s already standing up with a bit of help — what a brave and strong little man he is! Love it!
    I also think his little bow tie (that matches Yannick and Paul’s) is ever so cute — wonderful….
    You are amazing Astrid!

  2. Heike

    Stolz wie ein Spanier, dieser Dreikäsehoch – noch nicht einmal 4 Monate – und schon auf den Beinen, als wäre es das Natürlichste von der Welt … 😍

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