A rather heroic cup holder

What might look light an innocent, girly cup holder is actually a pretty heavy duty stroller accessory – it has a steel back bone! And I mean literally! Not that this was an intended feature, but after I was so proud of myself having “finished” this project during the monster’s afternoon nap yesterday, just to find out it wouldn’t even hold an empty cup straight, it became my extended evening project…


And on my quest for something in our household that I could use to stiffen the poor thing up, I came across this coffee press that had been the monster’s first casualty only two days ago. With the glass insert broken, it seemed to be definite garbage, so who would have thought that those beautiful steel ribs would find a second life?! 😛


So I sawed two pieces from the steel cage and glued them together (I just love those vice grips, definitely one of my favorite tools in this house…). The shape was just so perfect, I only needed to bend the radius at the bottom a little smaller.


Then I removed the flap from the cup holder, added two corresponding pockets for those ribs and slipped them in.


And after reassembling the flap to the actual cup holder, it now does an amazing job. Now that’s pretty vertical, eh?! Haven’t felt as engineer-y in a while! 😀


My mango spritzer is ready and the monster buckled up – now let’s go get some nice fish for supper! 😎


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