A quilted headboard cover

It’s finally done! This headboard cover that’s caused me so many headaches is finally done!!

But I should maybe start my story a bit earlier: Shortly after we moved into our house here in Ottawa, we got a new bed. While I instantly loved the simple wood frame, I hated the leather headboard it normally comes with. The happier I was to find out that both could be purchased separately. I was totally enthusiastic about making our own headboard cushion, ordered a mattress topper as a filler, cut it to size and even bought some fabric, then… Nothing. For over a year. Until I made this little zipper pouch for my Kobo in order to practice quilting and more specifically to try out that leafy lines pattern that I figured would be manageable with a regular sewing machine foot and wouldn’t require free motion quilting.

So far, so good. I expected this project to be challenging, but I did not expect it to be that hard! Part of it was simply the size of it. Manoeuvring that heavy thing through my sewing machine while it tried to jump off the table more than once… But the worst part was the fabric itself, quite a nightmare! So slippery! And I have never worked with anything before that would fray only half as badly. Literally, just by looking at it, the fabric would already disintegrate! 😛

I admit having cursed a few times but I’m glad that in the end I didn’t let myself get defeated. Although I’m sure that I’ll be more careful with my fabric choices in the future!


  1. Heike

    Hast Du Dich ja ganz schön abgequält! Ich glaube, ich hätte aufgegeben! Aber das Ergebnis wiegt alles auf und gibt Dir recht! Traumhaft schön! ☺

    1. Astrid *

      Die über 2 m Reißverschluss waren am Ende der einfache Teil! 😛
      Aber danke, ich bin mit dem Ergebnis auch zufrieden. Und von den Fusseln haben wir wahrscheinlich auch noch länger was, die hängen vorzüglich in Hausschuhen und Teppich fest…

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