A mini gentleman

It’s my sister’s wedding in a few weeks, so time to think about our outfits. While I’ll still have to figure out something for myself, the monster is ready to go!

I already got a pair of red chinos and and some great suspenders at H&M a few months ago. And while an actual dress shirt would surely look great, I don’t think it’s really necessary. So I found a white polo onesie instead. And now I completed the outfit with a matching bowtie. I didn’t want to go for the typical shiny satin look, but had one of those old-fashioned tweed bowties in mind when I went to the fabric store. Well, summer is not exactly the season to look for tweed I guess, but I found some rustic (and robust…) plaid cotton. I attached an adjustable elastic strap – and am quite happy with the result! 🙂

So even if the monster decides to take the suspenders off (which I bet he will…), he’ll still be looking like a perfect little gentleman! He sure did when we tried the outfit on today!




Now I’ll just have to convince Paul to let me make a matching bowtie for him, I think that would be so much fun! 😀


  1. Rose

    Sweet little Yannick is sooooooo cute in his beautiful bowtie! Love it, and yes, a matching one for Daddy would be perfect!

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