A little dress for Mila

This morning, I was surprised by a really nice message from Kiel: a photo of Mila wearing the little dress I made for her second birthday last October. After waking up to 15 cm of fresh snow – no need to say that I’m REALLY craving for spring -, that just made my day! 😀

And oh, do I remember how much I enjoyed this girly project, especially after all the things I had made for Yannick lately! And Mila is such an adorable little lady! 💛


I have actually had this embroidered denim fabric for years. I once made a little purse for my sister as one of my very first sewing projects. And now this was the perfect moment to use the rest of it! So I just got a zipper and some red cotton for the lining and the little pockets and made my first girls’ dress. I’m so glad she likes it! And it just looked so nice with her short-sleeved white shirt! 🙂

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