A high chair for the monster

A few months ago, Paul and I started looking for a high chair and were quite disappointed by the choice out there – lots of plastic and really ugly… (I actually found a few nice ones online later, but they were either unreasonably pricey or not available in Canada)

So two weeks ago, Paul and I eventually built this high chair – and had a lot of fun! How would we not?! Two engineers on a rainy weekend… ūüėČ

It all started with a few sketches on my notepad…¬†(Yes, I admit I had quite some fun since it has been a while since my last technical drawings. I didn’t even mind doing it by hand instead of using CAD)


And while Paul was cutting all the different pieces, I started with the cushion. Since things would certainly get messy, I decided for a padded insert with changeable covers that could easily be washed.


And here is the seat: the four pieces before and after cutting the radiuses, then being glued together after rounding the edges and Paul spraying the seat white.


For the legs and the T-bar, Paul chose some really nice maple. Once again he used the router for rounded edges, then glued the pieces together. The stand was assembled with two cross bars at the top and bottom, then finished with clear lacquer.

Et voil√†, here’s the beauty after screwing the seat onto the base, adding¬†the T-bar and inserting a matching white foot rest into the designated notch. Looking good, eh?!


And now let’s finally add the¬†cushion! It is tied around the T-bar in the front and with two more straps around the back. (This also explains the little triangular holes in the side pieces in case you were wondering)

And the best is: our little mister seems to really enjoy the new habit of having his meals at the table with us!



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