A box housie

Last weekend we got a kids’ car seat for the monster because he outgrew the infant car seat. And he really seamed to enjoy the test drive on our couch and looked so proud sitting there, upright like a big person!


But even better was the box that the seat came in, which made all previous diaper boxes look so tiny and was perfectly sized for a little housie. For a nicer look, we flipped the box inside out and as soon as the doors and the windows were cut, Yannick was already in it. And while the planters were added, the Sharpie may also have caught his hand once or twice…


Ever since, the monster has pushed his house around and also managed to flip it over a few times while climbing through the windows. But most times he would just bring some toys in and simply hang out in his new home – or play peek-a-boo with Oma and Opa.


But he still joins us for breakfast most days… 😉



  1. Oma Bordush

    I love it! The best toys are always the boxes, or pots and pans, ha ha!

    Yes, that little Yannick is sure growing up fast — he is so handsome and sitting there so tall! Can’t wait to see him and hold him again in person…..

    1. Astrid *

      Yeah! His other favorite was the spatula 😀
      We had to take it away from him though a few days ago as he was becoming a slightly dangerous fellow…

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