Month: January 2018

Nee-naw! Nee-naw!

During the last few weeks, pretending to be firefighters has been one of the monsters’ favorite games – so Santa got inspired and brought them hats. I know it has been a little while already since Christmas, but taking pictures of running firefighters is not an easy task and I haven’t been successful until this morning.

Anyway… I had taken Timo’s dimensions to make the pattern for the smaller hat, then figured I’d just make everything a bit bigger for Yannick’s. Well… “a bit” turned out enough to make the second hat fit comfortably on my own head… So I had to make a third one. 😛

The hats also came with a water hose but unfortunately non of the water spraying action shots turned out (the same is true for our foldable play mat that recently started to double as fire truck), so here it is by itself.

But luckily, my little firefighters kept their hats on for some other very serious business after all the fires were extinguished, and I finally got my chance for some nice pictures to share. 🙂

A flying squirrel

During our play date this morning, we finally delivered a late Christmas gift, a tiny flying squirrel for sweet little Juliette. And I think she likes it, yey! 🙂

It was one of the few times where I went for an almost identical copy of one of my Pinterest discoveries, but I just liked the little guy so much that I didn’t see a need for any changes… Isn’t he a cutie?! I may have to make a few more of them because they were also very popular with my own monsters. Good thing, it was such a quick and simple project! 😉