Month: December 2017


Stockings are one of the North American Christmas traditions that I’ve always liked a lot. And this year, we finally have our own! As we don’t have a tree this year (except for a miniature one in a little pot), nor a lot of other decorations, it also finally makes the house feel a lot more festive now that Christmas is just around the corner.

Since I’m not always a fan of the traditional combination of red and green for Christmas decorations, I went for a selection of black, white and red fabrics. And Yannick immediately chose the red print with the little houses to be his.

After I had finally finished the last one of them two days ago (yup, I’m always last-minute with my projects these days…) we hung them up yesterday in the afternoon and and last night we enjoyed this year’s first fire in our fire place. It was such a nice, peaceful moment! Even the monsters were so relaxed and quiet and didn’t try to attack it even once! But I guess the best times are often the unplanned ones! 🙂 Merry Christmas, everyone!

Midnight mushrooms

Beside Suzie’s zipper pouch I have been working on another quilting project with fairly tiny pieces: a new sleeve for my laptop.

I came across a little mushroom quilt block on Pinterest the other day and decided to line a few of them up in a row for a family picture. 😉 The geometries of the pieces are not super complicated but unlike my previous projects they’re not limited to standard shapes like squares, rectangles and half square triangles. Instead, the trapezoids and triangles are all different and feature some odd angles. Therefore I chose to make the mushrooms via paper piecing, a patchwork technique where the fabric pieces are sewn onto a (temporary) paper template which allows to accurately sew also more complex geometries without the need to pre-cut all the pieces exactly. It was my first approach to paper piecing and I think it is safe to say that it was not my last! I’m just so fascinated by the idea that you can sew any designs as long as they’re made up of straight lines. It was so nice and easy to simply draw the mushrooms on paper first, varying the sizes and proportions of the tops and stems for an interesting mix, and then sew them up according to these templates.

After all six mushrooms were joint, I carefully removed all the paper, ironed everything flat and then quilted them with my standard wavy lines. During the final assembly of the pouch I had quite a bit of “fun” with the zipper and I’m not sure if I’ll ever again choose to make a lined pouch with a two-sided zipper, yikes… 😛

Apple patches

There was another pair of pants with Swiss cheese knees that needed mending…

I didn’t want to just do the standard ovals, but wasn’t up for anything too time-consuming (like the little monster patch I once made). And since my fabric choices were limited to denim and some red twill, I went for a pair of apples. In order to get a clean edge, I backed the twill with a piece of fusible interfacing when stitching the apple contours on, then flipped the patches inside out and ironed them on. As the heat didn’t travel well enough through all the layers to make the apples stick nicely everywhere, I ended up hand-stitching all the way around. That certainly doubled the project time but I like the rustic look and I think it looks great with the little leather stems! Here’s a close-up of my charmingly uneven stitches (which also reveals that I could have used a lint roller prior to taking the picture… 😋).

When the big monster saw the result, he immediately took his sweat pants off in exchange for his new old pants. That totally made my day – he even called them “fancy pants”! 😎