Month: June 2016

Salmon lasagna

A few days ago when I was writing my groceries shopping list and asked Paul for his ideas, he requested salmon lasagna. So yesterday it was time for that (and again today and possibly again tomorrow… 😉)!


I thought I still had lots of ricotta in the fridge, but there was only a little bit left. But I found sour cream and a package of Philadelphia cheese – not what I was planning to use but also great ingredients for a white sauce. So I just added some milk, spices (fresh ground nutmeg, one of my absolute favorites!) and two eggs. For the veggy part I chose fried zucchini with onions and garlic. Then everything was layered with smoked salmon (next time I’ll take a little more), fresh spinach and a mix of grated Mozzarella and Gruyère cheese.


And 40 min of impatience later… so yummy! 😀


Pistachio pesto

Paul and I both love fish, and we both love pasta. Today was a lucky day – we got to enjoy both at the same time! 😀


I made some pesto for the pasta and while I kept all other ingredients like in the classical recipe, I replaced the pine seeds with pistachios. I had fairly great expectations, but the difference in flavor was actually a lot more subtle than I thought it would be. But anyways, the pesto was delicious, whatever the exact ingredients…

Two gentlemen

There we go, the partner look for my two favorite guys is a done deal! 😀


After the great resonance to the monster’s bowtie, there didn’t really seem to be much of a choice and to be honest, I also didn’t ask too many questions, but just made a second bowtie for Paul. It was Father’s Day yesterday after all, so what better occasion could I ask for?! I also truly believe that he’ll be glad to wear it, so I don’t feel too imposing… 😉

I didn’t have enough fabric left for a normal bowtie that Paul could actually tie himself, so he got the same pre-tied design as the monster. The white elastic is certainly not the prettiest detail, but well…it does the job and it will be hidden under a collar. So anyways, they’ll both look great and it will be such a nice occasion for some family pictures, too. While we have plenty of photo and video material of the monster, there are only very few photos of daddy (and mommy…) – so yey, can’t wait! 🙂