Month: June 2016

Salmon lasagna

A few days ago when I was writing my groceries shopping list and asked Paul for his ideas, he requested salmon lasagna. So yesterday it was time for that (and again today and possibly again tomorrow… 😉)!


I thought I still had lots of ricotta in the fridge, but there was only a little bit left. But I found sour cream and a package of Philadelphia cheese – not what I was planning to use but also great ingredients for a white sauce. So I just added some milk, spices (fresh ground nutmeg, one of my absolute favorites!) and two eggs. For the veggy part I chose fried zucchini with onions and garlic. Then everything was layered with smoked salmon (next time I’ll take a little more), fresh spinach and a mix of grated Mozzarella and Gruyère cheese.


And 40 min of impatience later… so yummy! 😀


Pistachio pesto

Paul and I both love fish, and we both love pasta. Today was a lucky day – we got to enjoy both at the same time! 😀


I made some pesto for the pasta and while I kept all other ingredients like in the classical recipe, I replaced the pine seeds with pistachios. I had fairly great expectations, but the difference in flavor was actually a lot more subtle than I thought it would be. But anyways, the pesto was delicious, whatever the exact ingredients…

Two gentlemen

There we go, the partner look for my two favorite guys is a done deal! 😀


After the great resonance to the monster’s bowtie, there didn’t really seem to be much of a choice and to be honest, I also didn’t ask too many questions, but just made a second bowtie for Paul. It was Father’s Day yesterday after all, so what better occasion could I ask for?! I also truly believe that he’ll be glad to wear it, so I don’t feel too imposing… 😉

I didn’t have enough fabric left for a normal bowtie that Paul could actually tie himself, so he got the same pre-tied design as the monster. The white elastic is certainly not the prettiest detail, but well…it does the job and it will be hidden under a collar. So anyways, they’ll both look great and it will be such a nice occasion for some family pictures, too. While we have plenty of photo and video material of the monster, there are only very few photos of daddy (and mommy…) – so yey, can’t wait! 🙂

Papa Bear

It has been a little while since my last sewn card, so here I am back with another one! But some background information first… 😉

While I was looking for inspiration for kids room decoration what feels like ages ago, I came across this adorable bear print from BubbleGumYears on Etsy:


I didn’t end up buying it but I saved the picture – and now remembered it again when brainstorming for an idea for a Father’s Day card for Paul. And even though it’s not sweater season at all right now, I copied that motif (turning the bear into an even more winterly polar bear because I had no brown fabric… 😉), as it is just so perfect because our little monster loves to cuddle and actually gives the best hugs in the world!


I found some cozy navy flannel for the sweater and chose light grey and orange as coordinating colors for the card and sweater details. And I also thought that a polar bear would have better use of paws rather than fingers. Hope you like how it turned out. I’m particularly fond of the Norwegian “knitting” pattern (and I also don’t mind that my bear is a little chubbier…)! Happy Father’s Day, Paul! 💛

I am planning on having the monster hand the card over and therefore put an additional piece of cardboard into the envelope – it just seemed like a good idea… 😉

Rhubarb strawberry streusel cake


With temperatures here being forecasted to reach up to 32 degrees today, I was definitely not planning on using the oven. But then I stumbled across some rhubarb when getting groceries this morning (the first one I’ve seen this year) and simply couldn’t resist making a cake. And of course I didn’t regret, and neither did Paul or the monster. Rhubarb cake is just too good, and even better with sweet strawberries and crunchy streusels, yum… 🙂

A mini gentleman


It’s my sister’s wedding in a few weeks, so time to think about our outfits. While I’ll still have to figure out something for myself, the monster is ready to go!

I already got a pair of red chinos and and some great suspenders at H&M a few months ago. And while an actual dress shirt would surely look great, I don’t think it’s really necessary. So I found a white polo onesie instead. And now I completed the outfit with a matching bowtie. I didn’t want to go for the typical shiny satin look, but had one of those old-fashioned tweed bowties in mind when I went to the fabric store. Well, summer is not exactly the season to look for tweed I guess, but I found some rustic (and robust…) plaid cotton. I attached an adjustable elastic strap – and am quite happy with the result! 🙂

So even if the monster decides to take the suspenders off (which I bet he will…), he’ll still be looking like a perfect little gentleman! He sure did when we tried the outfit on today!




Now I’ll just have to convince Paul to let me make a matching bowtie for him, I think that would be so much fun! 😀


Today I really felt like making pizza. I wanted it to be different though, but varying the toppings once again didn’t quite seem like enough. So instead I made calzone for the first time. The filling was nothing extravagant at all but actually just a few simple ingredients: tomato sauce (spiced with garlic and some herbs), ricotta, mozzarella and some spinach.


While it turned out ok, Paul and I agreed that we still prefer the traditional flat pizza. I think I just missed how the toppings would normally get roasted so nicely. I could see the concept work great for small, finger food style pizza pockets though… will give it a try one day.

Anyways, today I was definitely more excited about the little side salad that I also made. And that’s because I harvested the first lettuce from our garden this year, yey! 🙂 Arugula and mixed spring leaves, with tomatoes, mini mozzarellas and a sweet honey-balsamico dressing. Yummy!


Chunky knit pillows


A little while ago (when it was still cold and more knitting season than now…), my dear friend Angela infected me with her chunky knitting. I already have tons of scarfs and cowls, so I decided to make some pillows for our living room after I found a teal yarn that perfectly matches our accent chair.

The needles that I borrowed from Angela had the dimensions of a pair of drumsticks. I had experimented with a pair of our chopsticks at first but those actually turned out too thin. 😉

I went for a knitted front and got some matching cotton fabric for the pillow backs. The knit rectangles had already been completed and waiting in the closet for weeks, and this weekend I finally finished the fabric part, too. I decided to have the zippers go right across the pillow back since placing it somewhere along the pillow edge at the knit-fabric joint didn’t seem like a good idea. I covered it under a pleat though as I didn’t want it to be exposed.


Because of the knit being so large-scale I was a little worried that the pillow insert would show through the mesh, so I backed it with a layer of the same cotton fabric. After finishing all three pieces, I assembled them making a nice fabric sandwich (zippered pillow back right side up / knitted pillow front right side down / lining right side down), sewing them together all the way around (which was a bit of a fight as the knit would always retract), then flipping the finished pillow cover inside-out through the zipper opening.


Not being sure how large the pillow covers would turn out after finishing up all the yarn, I also made custom inserts, quickly sewing together two rectangles cut from some leftover fabric and emptying an oddly sized Ikea pillow that we never use to stuff our new friends.

And tadah, here they are, our new cuddle buddies! 😉


Champagne jam

I went on a nice long stroll with the monster this morning. Our mission: to get fruits for jam. I didn’t really have anything specific in mind, just wanted to see the offer and then decide. And strawberries and raspberries it was, both dark red and both on sale. 🙂 A spark of spontaneous inspiration also led us to the liquor store next door for some champagne, simply so good with strawberries and raspberries!


There’s just something about making jam and enjoying the heavenly smells while stirring the pure deliciousness…


The monster also had a great time, sitting on the kitchen floor munching raspberries. 😉 And here we are: champagne bottle empty, but jam stock filled up again!


 UPDATE (2 June 2016):

I just enjoyed my first breakfast bun with the new jam. So good! It is slightly on the runny side I have to admit, but my ratio of 3:1 (fruits to champagne) turned out really yummy – enough champagne to be clearly noticeable, but also not overpowering… Prost! 😉