Month: May 2016

A rather heroic cup holder

What might look light an innocent, girly cup holder is actually a pretty heavy duty stroller accessory – it has a steel back bone! And I mean literally! Not that this was an intended feature, but after I was so proud of myself having “finished” this project during the monster’s afternoon nap yesterday, just to find out it wouldn’t even hold an empty cup straight, it became my extended evening project…


And on my quest for something in our household that I could use to stiffen the poor thing up, I came across this coffee press that had been the monster’s first casualty only two days ago. With the glass insert broken, it seemed to be definite garbage, so who would have thought that those beautiful steel ribs would find a second life?! 😛


So I sawed two pieces from the steel cage and glued them together (I just love those vice grips, definitely one of my favorite tools in this house…). The shape was just so perfect, I only needed to bend the radius at the bottom a little smaller.


Then I removed the flap from the cup holder, added two corresponding pockets for those ribs and slipped them in.


And after reassembling the flap to the actual cup holder, it now does an amazing job. Now that’s pretty vertical, eh?! Haven’t felt as engineer-y in a while! 😀


My mango spritzer is ready and the monster buckled up – now let’s go get some nice fish for supper! 😎



Summer has finally come (yey!) and just in time, the monster got a new sun hat. 🙂

I finished it last night and so far, he barely kept it on long enough for the size check, but had more fun opening the Velcro strap and pulling it off his head… I really hope he’ll tolerate it better once we are in the backyard! We’ll know in a moment 😛


He kept it on most of the time, only trying to get rid of it two or three times! But I suppose he was simply too busy exploring the grass, rocks and ants… 😉


Good night, sleep tight…

The monster has a new sleeping bag! With summer coming, I wanted to have a light one for him, just one layer of snuggly flannel. The fabric was a gift from my mom and grandma, so thanks a lot to both of you! 😘

Aren’t all those little zebras, lions, elephants and hippos the cutest?! I instantly fell in love with them, got some matching red bias tape and a zipper and here is the result! Can’t wait to use it – probably later this week if the forecast can be trusted…


I had made another sleeping bag last year and was amazed to see the difference in size today! 😮 This one was lined and padded though which made it a lot warmer. Yannick was wearing it last fall and part of the winter, until he grew out of it. I do remember cursing a little bit while fighting with the different layers, but in the end I could not be mad at those lovely bugs!




After a lovely Sunday brunch with some friends yesterday, our fridge is still hosting some considerable amounts of cheese – and I mean good cheese! And while I really like sandwiches with Emmentaler and Gruyère, I felt like we would also enjoy it with some German Kässpätzle which I haven’t made in a really looong time…

Baked spätzle with roasted onions and loads of cheese… miam! Experimental me obviously wouldn’t be happy without changing something from my mom’s recipe though, so I also added some carrots and zucchini for color. And it was pretty good! Obviously… 😛


Hearty lamb shanks


We just enjoyed some very nice and tender lamb shanks, slow-cooked in a rich red wine sauce with onions, carrots, celery, tomatoes and a hint of Moroccan spices, yum! Paired with mashed potatoes and green beans – simply perfect for a cold Monday night in May! 🙂

A very berry salad


I was quite ecstatic when I found fresh figs at the store yesterday. And after having a rather heavy lunch at the pub today, we were all up for a really light supper. So, perfect conditions for another experimental salad! 😀

Good thing we also had blackberries, spinach, rucola and blueberry goat cheese in the fridge! And I guess I don’t need to tell you again how much I like pine seeds. Together with a sweet honey balsamico dressing… Yummy, so good! And as it happened we had also just stocked up on bread from Art Is In, my favorite bakery here in Ottawa, earlier today. We chose this beauty with rosemary and garlic for today’s supper and also snacked on a small selection of specialty cheeses. Again, so yummy…!


Pizza, pizza!


We just had some pizza with my parents, yummy! While it is actually a fairly simple dish, people always seem to really enjoy it. And I think that is because everybody can pick and chose their favorite toppings. This time, we used ricotta and artichokes for the first time and I really liked that “white pizza” where we didn’t put any tomato sauce. Let’s see what we’ll try next time… 🙂