Month: April 2016

A blanket for the monster

Being quite happy with how this baby blanket for Theo turned out a little ago, I was thinking of making one for our monster as well and was so glad that there was just enough fabric left. So I did! I got some grey fabric with little dots for the back and went for a simple diagonal squares quilting pattern.

Technically, it’s not Yannick’s first blanket. He has another one that used to be his play mat before he was mobile, and which we still use for the stroller and in the car. This blanket though I want to keep in his crib. And don’t the forest animals just go perfect with the cloud shelves and the birch trees on the kids room wall?! 🙂

While I will continue to use his sleeping bag at night, I’ll start to use the new blanket for Yannick’s daytime naps. We’ve been “practicing” with his unzipped sleeping bag for a while now, so I think he’s ready for an actual blanket. And so far he seems to really like it – let’s see what he thinks when we get ready for his afternoon nap today… 😉



Ha! There we go! And yes, the stuffies may have been arranged for the picture… 😛


Freestyle pesto

I love fresh pesto, and I mean the traditional green pesto with basil, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, garlic and olive oil. But today I felt like MORE. So I added some dried tomatoes and Kalamata olives to these basic ingredients. My sense of color mixing made me shudder though when I opened the cupboard to get my blender ready. So I decided to go for a coarse pesto for once, chopping all the ingredients by hand.

So good! I really enjoyed it, especially the crunchiness of the pine seeds that would have been lost in a pureed pesto. And it was a super quick supper, too, since all the ingredients were raw, except for the pine seeds that I roasted. Oh, and also the garlic. So it literally just took the time that the spaghetti were boiling! 🙂


And what about some crocheted details…

It’s official – I’m addicted! And there seem to be more occasions than ever to send out handmade greeting cards, so I guess there’s not much hope… 😛

Yesterday I finished this one… and had lots of fun experimenting with some crocheted elements. And I only got the idea for lack of a green fabric for the leaves, but then found some green embroidery yarn and I think I rocked it… Ha! 😀

Happy new home, Tingting!