Month: March 2016

Happy Easter!



Happy Easter, everyone!

Paul and I blew out some eggs yesterday and had lots of fun painting them!

And I think that little alcove beside the stairs is just the perfect spot to display our little Saturday arts project! 😉

Enjoy the long weekend!





Bear patches

While the monster is starting to walk, he is still moving around enough on all four to get his pants really thin and sometimes even holey around the knees. So, another pair of pants needed a repair. And even though I really enjoyed that little monster patch I made last time, I preferred a quicker solution this time and therefore decided to use double-sided fusible interfacing. Just cut out whatever shape you like, then iron it on – so easy! And I even had some fabric in just the right color! You must think my fabric stack is huge, but it’s actually not… 😛

I guess I could also just have cut some simple ovals… but I didn’t 😉

House shelves for my crafts corner

Paul made me a very special birthday present this year. He built some plywood houses for me!

Some time ago, we were thinking of making some house shelves for the kids room, but then he figured that I would certainly like them a lot more than the monster and he was so right!!

Paul let me chose the colors and I decided for a white interior and clear lacquer for the roof and sides. And after I found that I had some cute little cardboard boxes that just fit perfectly (magic!), the largest house also got an additional floor. So this weekend, the house shelves got sprayed and hung up over my desk. And aren’t they so beautiful?! 💛 Can’t wait to fill them with more sewing and crafts supplies!