Month: January 2016

My favorite bibs

Yesterday, during Yannick’s afternoon nap, I made a second bib for him. Well, we DO have a BUNCH of bibs, but since Yannick made it a game to take them off as fast as he can, there’s basically just one that I’ve been using all the time… and which – as a pretty obvious result – is chronically covered under several layers of food stains.

A while ago I found this tutorial from Delia Creates and I really like the knot-and-buttonhole detail which Yannick hasn’t managed to open – yet… Our other bibs all have Velcro closures which provide almost no resistance to the monster’s attacks.

I got the fabric well before Yannick was born (or I was even pregnant…) on a fabric market in Kiel. I just instantly fell in love with these adorable farm animals and might have purchased my very first kids item right there. 🙂

Ironing with owls

My little ironing board got a makeover!

(This is not the one we use for ironing our shirts, by the way. It’s the one that “lives” in our guest room with my sewing machine and the other equipment. I use it for my smaller sewing projects – it’s just over half a meter long and hence doesn’t take up much room at all.)


I actually already made this new cover in November or so, but then it was only recently that I used it for the first time while making these slippers.

The previous cover featured a really ugly grey and green pattern – and a nasty burn mark… 😛 It felt pretty good to finally throw it out! And these happy owls are the best ironing buddies I could imagine! 😉

A little knee patch

While Yannick is starting to explore his world on his feet – preferably pushing our chairs around and trying to make some first steps along the couch – he’s still essentially using his knees to get around. And a few days ago, he finally did it: he wore a hole into the knee of his jeans! His very first!

So when Yannick was taking his afternoon nap I got ready to simply iron a little patch on to repair it, but then changed my mind and went for a more special treatment, one that befits our little monster! 😀

UPDATE (27 Jan 2016):

Yannick instantly loved his new friend and immediately tried to pull his arms out – good thing I had secured those with triple (!) stitches… 😛