Month: November 2015

Critter shoesies

Today I sorted out a few more clothes that the monster doesn’t fit in any longer. And while I put them into their box, I found these shoesies again:


Being so small (9 cm from toe to heel), Yannick only wore them for a few weeks, first with socks, then without.

I essentially followed the instructions from this blog post but changed the pattern to this:


I guess the original didn’t seem challenging enough, especially the ears did not make it any easier ūüėõ

The shoesies were originally meant as cats, but occasionally mistaken for mice and bears… But no matter what they are, I am pretty proud of them!

Cloud shelves



A little bit of white paint, some simple and inexpensive bathroom shelves from Ikea (both the shelves and knobs are from their Enudden series) and Рtadah Рsome cloud shelves for the kids room!

I drew the clouds on paper first, then transferred them to the wall outlining the contures with a thin pencil line. After filling the cloud¬†shapes with a first layer of white paint, the grey wall still shone through in some spots, so I applied a second layer after a few hours. Then I just needed to attach the shelves…

Aren’t the curved edges and the delicate design of these shelves so perfect?! And I find, together with the birch trees that I painted on one of the other walls, they just¬†add¬†such a nice and cozy¬†atmosphere to the room! Kinda proud of myself! ūüėõ

And while the shelves are certainly not made to hold a whole library of kids books or other heavy stuff, I find it is a great way to display some favorite items.

I am also thinking of¬†getting a few more of these knobs for our walk-in closet… Or maybe for the guest room that we just painted and that still needs some finishing touches…? Let’s see! ūüėČ


A pretzel rattle

Occasionally I feel a fairly strong need to incorporate some German tradition into our day. Most often¬†this simply ends up in having German food for supper (Bratwurst, Sp√§tzle, …).¬†For this years’ October Fest I made a rattle for Yannick.


I created¬†this pattern and¬†used the same brown micro fleece as for this little guy and stitched on some kiddo-proof¬†salt¬†(French knots). I even found a small enough rattle insert that I explanted from a small bunny softie that came with my Easter chocolats (sorry Oma…) and that’s now sitting in the thickest section of the pretzel.¬†And because the shape of the pretzel provides such good grip and is so great to pull on, I already had to repair the poor thing twice ūüėČ


A high chair for the monster

A few months ago, Paul and I started looking for a high chair and were quite disappointed by the choice out there – lots of plastic and really ugly… (I actually found a few nice ones online later, but they were either unreasonably pricey or not available in Canada)

So two weeks ago, Paul and I eventually built this high chair – and had a lot of fun! How would we not?! Two engineers on a rainy weekend… ūüėČ

It all started with a few sketches on my notepad…¬†(Yes, I admit I had quite some fun since it has been a while since my last technical drawings. I didn’t even mind doing it by hand instead of using CAD)


And while Paul was cutting all the different pieces, I started with the cushion. Since things would certainly get messy, I decided for a padded insert with changeable covers that could easily be washed.


And here is the seat: the four pieces before and after cutting the radiuses, then being glued together after rounding the edges and Paul spraying the seat white.


For the legs and the T-bar, Paul chose some really nice maple. Once again he used the router for rounded edges, then glued the pieces together. The stand was assembled with two cross bars at the top and bottom, then finished with clear lacquer.

Et voil√†, here’s the beauty after screwing the seat onto the base, adding¬†the T-bar and inserting a matching white foot rest into the designated notch. Looking good, eh?!


And now let’s finally add the¬†cushion! It is tied around the T-bar in the front and with two more straps around the back. (This also explains the little triangular holes in the side pieces in case you were wondering)

And the best is: our little mister seems to really enjoy the new habit of having his meals at the table with us!


Bandana bibs

Every few weeks Yannick goes through a phase where he drools a lot, chews on everything that he can get and I am certain¬†he’d wake up with his first tooth the next morning. Well, it has not happened yet, but it gives me an excellent excuse to put a bandana as a drool bib around his neck.


I made a few of these shortly before he was born and while they were kind of huge on him at first, they fit perfectly now. And aren’t they so fashionable?! ūüôā


Nothing smells like apple cake…

I just made some apple cake and am now enjoying the delicious¬†smell in the whole house ūüôā


Writing down a recipe is somewhat new to me, since I don’t usually measure my ingredients, but I’ll try my best! I also like simple solutions (any kitchen utensil you don’t use, you don’t have to wash afterwards…), so it should be really straightforward.

This is what you need:

  • 1/4 brick butter (1/2 cup)
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • milk
  • 1 cup ground almonds
  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 1 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • lots of cinnamon
  • 3 apples
  • a handful sliced almonds

This is what you do:

Preheat your oven to 370¬į.¬†Shortly microwave the butter until it gets soft but not too hot and runny (with my microwave that takes about 30 seconds), then stir in the sugar using a whisk until creamy. Successively, stir in¬†the other ingredients (except the apples and sliced almonds) and put the batter in a buttered cake dish. Peel your apples, then cut them into quarters and each of those into¬†4-5 slices. Arrange your¬†apple slices in a round pattern, pushing them slightly¬†into the batter.¬†(This is what I do when I have guests or happen to write a blog post. Usually, I would just cut the apples into random pieces and literally throw them on the cake…) Sprinkle your cake with the sliced almonds and bake for 35-45 min, depending on the size of your cake dish and the thickness of your cake.¬†I am convinced that pretty food also tastes better, if you agree you can sprinkle the cake with a little icing sugar before serving. Enjoy!

1511_Apple-cake_01 1511_Apple-cake_05 1511_Apple-cake_07 1511_Apple-cake_09 1511_Apple-cake_11 1511_Apple-cake_13

This is my basic apple cake, but¬†I’ve made lots of variations. No nuts, pears instead of the apples or mixing in some¬†blackberries or raspberries for an extra pretty look. Next time I’ll maybe add cranberries and spices for a christmassy flavor… Be creative!

Mr. Beaver

While I was pregnant with our now six months old son Yannick, I came across this little guy on Pinterest: Mr. Beaver by Virginie Jolie, one of her adorable soft teddies.


Instantly I knew I had to make one, too! I didn’t have any felt but I found some brown micro fleece for the body and sacrificed one of Yannicks face clothes for the face – and here he is!


And – unlike some of his¬†other toys – Yannick actually loves him! (The picture was already taken a few months ago, well before the little mister was actually interested in any of his toys, but I just found¬†the sweater with the other Canadian wildlife creatures was such a perfect match…)


Welcome to my blog!


Hello, creative minds out there! Welcome to my new blog!

There is a growing list of people who wish to be updated about my ongoing¬†food and craft projects, so please let me use this blog to¬†show to¬†you some of the things I’ve made and will make in the future.

I would always prefer a home-made solution over just running to the store – if it is food, kids clothes or cushion covers… I just really enjoy the creative process itself and love being surrounded by these unique little gems.

After purchasing a table saw, my husband Paul recently transformed our garage into a woodworking shop, which is adding a whole new chapter to my crafts world. ūüôā Can’t wait to start working off the list of ideas I already have in mind!

With this blog I’d like to share with you some of the little things that make life prettier and more fun – or I should say MY life. What are the things that make YOU happy? Leave lots of comments!

So, please enjoy reading about some of my latest food and craft projects!